Call for presenters

We want to build a bridge between educational theory and the ‘muddy world’ of everyday practice. We do this by offering teachers a stage to share and discuss their experiences. The emphasis this year will be on the alignment between learning goals, laboratory instruction styles and the assessment.

We are looking for teachers who are eager to share their ‘best practices’ with other teachers during a 15 min lecture or 45 min interactive session. During this session you can, for example, share your course set-up, a solution to a general problem or an improvement you made.

The presentation should at least include:

  • The learning goals of the course, preferably including links to learning activities/assignments.
  • Information on the study-program (year, # students, length, etc.)
  • An overview of the course set-up, including laboratory instruction style / level of independence (e.g. guided, problem-based, discovery, inquiry-based).
  • One or more learning activities with a focus on how they are organized, which steps are involved.
  • What are strong points and do you have ideas for further improvements?
  • Preferably, insight into the student view.

If you want to give a presentation, please apply by filling out this form before 1 July.