Time (h.)

Tuesday 28 August 2018


Program part

10:00 Welcome
10:30 What types of laboratory courses exist and why?
Nimesh Mistry, Leeds university
11:30 Discussion
11:45 Pitches parallel sessions
12:00 Lunch – during which you can visit a 21st laboratory course






Parallel sessions 1:

  1. Workshop: Improving a laboratory course from a student’s perspective (Julia Diederen and Lonneke van der Ploeg, Food Chemistry, Wageningen University)
  2. Examples/ good practices by:
    • PraQ questionnaire – Theoretically and empirically based Evaluation of laboratory courses. Daniel Rehfeldt, Universität Berlin.
    • Preparation exercises – Marjolein Haagsman, Molecular Biology, Utrecht University.
    • Molecular Learning Trajectory of the Psychobiology Bachelor- Richard de Boer, University of Amsterdam.
14:30 Break with coffee/tea / change of venue









Parallel sessions 2:

  1. Workshop: How to assess what students have learned (Ellen Torfs, Wageningen University)
  2. Examples/good practices I:
    • Waste & recovery – Renata van der Weijden, Environmental Technology, Wageningen University.
    • Logistics of large scale lab courses – Philippe Puylaert, Microbiology, WUR.
    • Fulltime staff for interdisciplinary practical education – Lennart Beun, WUR.
  3. Examples/good practices II:
    • How to design a more research-based laboratory course – Analytical Chemistry (Peter Lindenburg, Leiden University)
    • Research Based Learning (RBL) to replace lab courses – Ludo Juurlink, Leiden University.
    • Problem-based practicals – Frits Flesch, Pharmacy, Utrecht University.
16:00 Short break/ Change of venue
16:10 Wrap-up
16:30 Drinks