Practicals are an essential part of life science education. But how do you set up a practical as effectively as possible? And how do you assess what students have learned? Find out at our symposium ‘Present-day Practicals” on 22 August 2019! Everyone involved in teaching lab practicals (teachers, assistants, educational advisors, policy makers etc.) is welcome!

The purpose of this symposium series is to increase the quality of laboratory education based on recent insights from educational literature and to share insights from your experiences during practical courses.

How last year’s symposium is evaluated:

The average mark given was an 8! And 90% of the visitors says: “It stimulated my thinking about my education”

What do visitors say:

  • “Nice to see practices from other universities”
  • “For me a few tips to improve my supervision”
  • “I liked the parallel sessions”
  • “Great variety of topics and different approaches”
This year University of Amsterdam  is hosting the symposium.

Symposium series on improving Laboratory courses is organised by University of Amsterdam and Leiden University in cooperation with LabBuddy.
This year the team consist of:

dr. Natasa Brouwer and Ing. Richard de Boer
(University of Amsterdam)

dr. Marjo de Graauw, dr. Janine Geerling and Anne-Martine Gielis
(Leiden University)

dr. ir. Koos van der Kolk and Carolien Koppejan BSc.